1. Application
On returning the completed and signed Application form, the exhibitor is legally committed to
participation in ICSP9. See floor plan of the exhibition

2. Rental Charges
The standard price of 6m2 exhibition space including the exhibition package will be 2900 Euros. (19.6% VAT in not included). The cost for three additional m2 would be 1200 Euros.

The package includes:
- Providing exhibition space of 6m2
- Providing energy source and phone plug
- Aluminum structure: white or black, high=2,40m
- Wall filling in melamine beech, both side
- Cross panel of 3m in Front
- Name of exhibitor on a flag made of PVC. Format: 60cmx20cm
- 3 spots of 100 Watts per module of 6m
- Energy source will be one kW per exhibitor
- 1 rectangular table and 3 chairs

Other services (flower decoration etc.) can be provided upon request.
Exhibitors will benefit from a reduced price for their participation to the conference (see registration form).

3. Cancellation of Contract
500 Euros administrative costs will be charged for cancellation of an application received after 31/12/2004.
Thereafter, 70% of the stand fee will be invoiced. Cancellation needs to be made in writing (letter, fax or Email).

4. Obligations of Acceptance
For the duration of the contract, the exhibitor is obliged to use the stand in accordance with the Conditions
of Participation and to ensure that the stand remains sufficiently manned during the opening hours of the event.

5. Services to be provided

a) Unfurnished space for the exhibition.

b) Provision, free of charge, of the printed PROGRAMME.

c) Entry in an exhibitor's list, handed out to all participants

e) Free basic entry in the site of ICSP9

Failure to make use of the services covered by the charges does not entitle the exhibitor to a charge reduction.

6. Stand Design
The price list for  furnishing your booth  with table, chairs, walls, phone and internet connection, will be sent to exhibitors upon request. For further information please contact
In general, stand design and demonstrations of all kinds shall be carried out in such a manner that they do not interfere with or disturb
other exhibitors or visitors. Decorations must be in keeping with the technical character of the exhibition. The exhibitor is fully responsible
and accountable for the safety of all structures and exhibits. At the end of the exhibition, the stand area shall be returned in the same
condition as it was taken over. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage to halls, stands as well as to stand fittings and equipment
provided on a rental basis.

7. Liability and Insurance
The exhibitor undertakes to conclude adequate third party insurance
against all risks arising from the law as well as from the liability accepted under this contract or from the course of the event.

8. Security
Each individual company/institution is responsible for the security of its booth during the conference hours.
Exhibitors are not permitted to enter other exhibitors' stands outside the official daily visitors' hours.

9. Visitor Information during ICSP9
The distribution of leaflets or other information outside the rented stand is prohibited. The same applies to visitor surveys.
Retail sales on exhibition stand are prohibited. All visitor information must serve the purpose of presenting the exhibits.
This means that all advertising must be of a technical nature.

10. House Rules
For the duration of the technical exhibition the house rules of ICSP9 as well as the technical and
stand construction regulations shall be binding.

Information on Publications and Services

1. Programme
The ICSP9 programme contains comprehensive information for all participants on the exhibition
and the conference programme.

2. ICSP9 in the Internet
Preliminary information on ICSP9 can be accessed on the internet under http://ICSP9.iitt.com.
From April 2005 the complete ICSP9 Programme will be available as a PDF file


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