The closest hotels are hotels Ibis, Marne la valée and hotel confort inn at champs sur Marne (walking distance)
The higher classes are *** hotels in Noisy-le-Grand (one station with RER). Other hotels in the area can be found on the net.
Please go to their web-site and reserve your room as soon as possible.

Hotels in Champs sur Marne (map of the area)
Hotel Ibis :
Hotel : Confort Inn :

Hotels in Noisy-le-Grand, one station with RER (map of the area)

How to get from hotels in Noisy-le Grand to the Universty of Marne la Vallée (see map)

One station by RER, direction Marne la vallée. The name of the station is : Noisy-Champs, UMLV is 5 min walk from the station