Guideline to authors

These instructions are intended to guide authors in preparing papers for the 9th International Conference on Shot Peening, ICSP9. The Proceedings will be reproduced from the electronic originals sent by authors. The production of the Proceedings requires high-quality images as well as a standardized format. In preparing manuscripts, these instructions must be used as a guide. Failure to conform to the format requirements may result in rejection of the paper.
During the conference, attendees will receive a copy of the final conference proceedings.


Papers are limited to six pages (maximum), including references, figures, and tables. Do not include page numbers on the manuscript. Please justify the lines on both side (like this guidelines).

Margin requirements for A4 paper format must be as following.
Top: 25mm
Bottom: 25mm
Left: 25mm
Right: 25mm

The text of the paper must be in 12pt Arial font. Use “single spaced” line spacing throughout. Please leave a blank line before titles, headings and captions and leave a blank line before and after equations. Titles and headings should be written in uppercase letters. Also, leave a blank line between paragraphs in the text. Do not leave a blank line between references.
The pages send by the authors will be reduced by about 20% in size during the printing process. Therefore, in order to make your paper readable, please respect the font size and line spacing.

Please check English (GB) grammar and spelling carefully before submitting your paper.

For equations that cannot be entered on a single line, use the Equation Editor in Microsoft Word. In equations and text, italicize symbols that are used to represent variables or parameters, including subscript and superscripts. Only use characters and symbols that are available in the Equation Editor, in the Symbol font, or in Arial.


The SI (metric) units have to be used for papers submitted to the ICSP9 conference. In case where other units of measure would facilitate communication, they may be placed in parentheses after the SI measure.


By submitting a paper to the 9th international conference on Shot Peening, ICSP9, authors affirm that it has not been published elsewhere. They further affirm that there will be no violation of copyright by its publication in the Conference Proceedings.
Authors must grant nonexclusive copyright permission to IITT-International. The “nonexclusive” permission means that IITT would not restrict any future use of the material by the author for any other publication purposes.


Commercialism will not be acceptable in the presentation materials, whether oral, poster, or printed-paper.

All papers must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word. For transmission reasons, the file size for the electronic version of the paper should be reduced. Authors who are unable to use e-mail for submitting your paper, should send an electronic version of the paper(s) on a CD-Rom to the postal address given below.
A printed copy of the paper should also be sent to the same address. Please number the pages in pencil on the bottom right corner. The printed copy will allow the organizers to confirm that the electronic version received is formatted properly as opened on our computers.
The deadline for submitting electronic manuscripts is January 31. Authors should email the paper to icsp9@iitt.com. Please use a separate email message for each paper submitted indicating the number of your paper.
Because of the SPAM, IITT will reject any e-mail with no proper subject. Please indicate as subject: ICSP-9, or Shot Peening or paper submission, or etc.
All authors should also send a printed copy of their paper(s) to the postal address given below. For the paper copy, please number your pages in pencil on the bottom right corner.
Manuscripts sent by Fax will not be accepted.
IITT-International LLC
5 allée de la Grotte, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand, France
E-mail: nikulari@iitt.com, Phone: 331-45921771
Fax: 331-45921763, Mobile: 336-08626157